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What are people saying about Fintegrate?

Mark Chanda

Head of Distribution, FE fundinfo

“FE fundinfo is delighted to be able to support Fintegrate’s aim of streamlining the financial planning process for advisory firms. We have long been advocates of improving efficiencies and the availability of information for Financial Advisers and Fintegrate’s offering will help that, backed by accurate and up to date fund data provided by FE fundinfo.”
Chet Velani

Managing Director, EValue

“The combination of Fintegrate’s practical experience and EValue’s powerful financial forecasts and risk suitability capabilities will form an impressive combination to help advisers meet their suitability obligations, and ensure that their clients have the right investments for their objectives. We are delighted to be working with them to help improve client outcomes.”
John Netting

Co-Founder/Director, Sense Network

“With ever-increasing compliance and regulatory demands placed upon advisory firms, selecting the right tools and technologies to support your business is never plain sailing. With my compliance hat on, having the right robust and repeatable processes in place is the lynchpin to any successful advice model, and Fintegrate will help deliver just that.


MIke Barret

Managing Director, the lang cat

“Anything that helps provide a more seamless end to end advice process for the advice firm, together with an improved experience for the client should be a win/win. Fintegrate does exactly that - reducing the cost of delivering advice, whilst improving customer outcomes.
Nathan Fryer

Managing Director, Plan Works

“I am passionate about integrity and quality in financial advice and it is clear to see that the guys at Fintegrate share that same ethos. Having effective and efficient processes in place is vital for any firm, and I have already advised all of my partner firms to take a closer look at Fintegrate.
Lee Parkinson

Chief Executive Officer, Fintegrate

“Fintegrate was borne out of a frustration with the suite of digital financial planning solutions currently available in the marketplace. We wanted to create a solution tailored to the specific needs of each financial planning firm, rather than the other way round.

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