Five minutes with David Broom

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A new broom for Fintegrate

As a Glaswegian I had two choices growing up. Football and football! The only ball that existed where I lived was a football and all of my family played the game. It’s still a pretty big part of my life now — I play it, coach it and watch lots of it. I could talk about it all day…and often do. But down to business! Before I joined Fintegrate I’d developed a keen interest in relationship management and I was looking to take that to the next level. For a decade I managed sales for Irish building firm Moy Materials and everything we did there was focused on the quality of relationships. Business works best when the benefits are mutual. That’s my mantra and it’s how I approach my work with Fintegrate.

Does Social Distancing Affect Relationship Building

You would imagine so. And that might have been the case in the first few weeks of lockdown when everyone was getting to grips with video calls and people were adapting to working from home. Eight months down the line and I think the world is now so much more accepting of using video technology to help build relationships. Of course, it’s strange being introduced to people via video and you can’t reach out and shake their hand. Given the choice I’d still prefer to forge a relationship face-to-face. But everyone is working as safely as possible and we need to adapt how we communicate. Fortunately, video conferencing has become so much easier because everyone’s in the same boat.

Helping Fintegrate To Communicate

My primary role with Fintegrate is to manage the client onboarding process and to ensure that the advisory community — whether that’s financial advisers/planners or paraplanners — gets to grips with why we exist and what we offer. There’s a recognised problem across the financial services sector and it’s to do with the convoluted and complex tools and technologies that drive the wealth management elements of the advisory process. My message to the Fintegrate community is that we’re a validated solution to that problem. I’m here to explain that our aim is to help advisers, planners and paraplanners to find a way through the fog of wealth management technology. In addition, you need to know that Fintegrate’s software has been created by advisers for advisers.

The Fintegrate Community

We’re not software developers seeking to impose a product on the advisory community. Our collaborative approach reflects the fact that we want our clients to feel as if they’re part of Fintegrate. Our software is driven by the needs of the people we work with — those financial advisers/planners and paraplanners on the front line. We listen to what they want and our development team delivers. Of course, we pride ourselves on capturing the critical information underpinning a centralised investment proposition and building a bespoke version of Fintegrate to meet specific needs. But what’s just as important is that the people we work with feel as if they’re a part of something that’s much bigger than the software of the shelf. We’re a team of people who you can talk to and it’s our aim to make the experience of using Fintegrate as rewarding as possible.

Time Is Money And We Save You Time

We know that our community of advisers/planners and paraplanners are looking to manage their diaries more efficiently right now. We’re living through the most uncertain period in our peace time history and people are having to adapt to that significant impact on their professional and personal lives. Fintegrate has created a product that drives down time and overheads – allowing you to spend more time with your family, on the golf course, onboarding new clients or working with existing clients. We value your time. We’ve created a product that drives down complexities and frees up time. And we’d love to tell you more about why that solution can work for you.

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